Step up to the future with unknown hardware and software

In the world of Internet connection type and service connection type hardware told in the buzzword called IoT, what is required in the world of hardware connection is a new product creation in which hard and soft are highly mixed. Development and manufacturing while following the technological innovation that evolves at surprising speed can not be accomplished just by the power of one engineer, one designer. Even if you can make a contract with the world's strongest goalkeeper, if another position does not work you will not be able to win the football game. Shiftall has a team specializing in IoT development and mass production that can demonstrate dozens of high team power, and will challenge to realize the living of one step fly.

Company overview

Shiftall Inc.
Takuma Iwasa
Employee number
※As of Aug 2023
4F TokyoDaiwa Bldg., 2-6-10 Nihonbashibakurocho, Chuo, Tokyo 103-0002, Japan

Business Overview

1. Planning, development, sales and support of various home appliances and gadgets including IoT products by their own brandsSupport for the planning, design,
2. development and mass production of various home appliances and gadgets including IoT products based on customer's request. And joint development and co-marketing

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