FlipVR, a new style of VR controller. It has the control panel (control buttons, thumbstick, grip, and trigger), which normally placed on the palm side of the hand, can be flipped (jumped up) to the back of the hand with a simple twist of the wrist.


MeganeX is an ultra lightweight, ultra high-resolution VR glasses. What the citizens of the Metaverse want in a VR headset is lightness. This is because they spend tons of hours in there. It's project 5.2K HDR 10-bit images at 120Hz, supports 6DoF position tracking and almost all SteamVR applications.

HaritoraX Wireless

HaritoraX Wireless is an inexpensive, space-saving, compact, full-wireless full-body tracking device for VR Metaverse or VTuber. While your motion from the chest down can not be synchronized in the avatar's motion just with the VR headset and controller, this product enables you to move the avatar with your entire body.


mutalk is a Bluetooth microphone with suppress leak sound.
It can be fixed to the face for use in situations where both hands are occupied. So it is perfect for gaming and the metaverse.

HaritoraX 1.1B

HaritoraX 1.1B is an inexpensive, space-saving wireless full-body tracking device that requires no additional equipment. When combined with a VR headset such as Meta Quest 2 or HTC Vive, the avatar's entire body can be moved in the Metaverse in sync with its body movements in the real world.


HaritoraX is a $270 consumer level full-body tracking device compatible with SteamVR. By tracking the thighs, ankles, and chest with 9-axis IMUs, we have achieved an accuracy close to that of optical tracking.


Can you share your feelings with just text messages? Croqy use hand-writing texts and drawings to make communication between you and your friend and your family better.Also you can check messages wherever you’re by using App.


WEAR SPACE is a device that allows users to wear a personalized space equipped with noise cancellation technology and a partitioning function that visually blocks portions of the space.


A light that uses the mixture of 3 primary colors (Red, Green and Blue) to create a combination of seven different shadow colors.
Updating the concept that “shadows are black” and bringing an exciting experience for the viewer.

Prototype / in Development

Group of products that have been produced and announced or are under research and development.