Prototype / in Development

Group of products that have been produced and announced or are under research and development.


MeganeX is an ultra lightweight, ultra high-resolution VR glasses. What the citizens of the Metaverse want in a VR headset is lightness. This is because they spend tons of hours in there. It's project 5.2K HDR 10-bit images at 120Hz, supports 6DoF position tracking and almost all SteamVR applications.


mutalk is a Bluetooth microphone with suppress leak sound.
It can be fixed to the face for use in situations where both hands are occupied. So it is perfect for gaming and the metaverse.

Pebble Feel

The Pebble Feel is a small device that equipped with a Peltier device that can efficiently heat and cool the human body from the nape of the neck.
It can be used to simply cool down on a hot day, but by using the dedicated SteamVR add-on, you can create and experience a world where anyone can easily feel the heat and cold in a metaverse such as VRChat.


“Cook’Keep”  is like a time machine for your meals. First, you can put in premade meals or leftovers and they will be kept cool just like a tiny refrigerator. Later, you can remotely re-heat your refrigerated food, as hot 90 degrees!


BeamAR (pronounced “Beamer”) is a pendant-type light with an AR projection function.
Suspend it over a flat surface, and while the 800lm provides illumination, the built-in camera recognizes the objects beneath the light. By using the AR projector, various relevant information about these objects can be displayed around them.

Project: NeSSA

A smart mirror "Project: NeSSA" will judge whether someone is wearing the same outfit as before and warn them before they leave their home.


DrinkShift is a service that combines smartphone app and proprietary refrigerator, it automatically detects the inventory of beer in the fridge and each customer’s drinking pace, and delivers favorite beer to home or office at the perfect timing.