Inner capacity display unit: 2 bottles
inner unit: 12 bottles
Outer dimensions W340mm × D440mm × H820mm
Power supply AC 100V
Cooling system Peltier cooling
Temperature control 5℃〜10℃
(ambient temperature 25℃)

* The design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Our fridge automatically refills your beer, so you never run out again.

DrinkShift is a service that combines smartphone app and proprietary refrigerator, it automatically detects the inventory of beer in the fridge and each customer’s drinking pace, and delivers favorite beer to home or office at the perfect timing.

First of all, users select their favorite beers and create their own package via a smartphone app. They will be able to select the craft beers from a lot of brands.

The users can drink beer whenever they want after storing the delivered beers in proprietary refrigerator of DrinkShift. The refrigerator detects the inventory of beer real time and learns beer consumption during that time. The refrigerator and app work together and automatically calculate perfect arrival date of next beer package from the shipping days, consumption pace and remaining beers at your home.