Shiftall announces an automatic beer replenishment service. An exclusive refrigerator that detects the inventory of beer is unveiled at CES 2019

News Release

Shiftall Inc. has developed a craft beer automatic replenishment service, “DrinkShift” which is combined with a proprietary refrigerator. The prototype will be unveiled at “CES Unveiled” held in Las Vegas on January 6th 2019 and “CES 2019” held from January 8th 2019, and this service will be launched in 2019.


DrinkShift is a service that combines smartphone app and proprietary refrigerator, it automatically detects the inventory of beer in the fridge and each customer’s drinking pace, and delivers favorite beer to home or office at the perfect timing.

First of all, users select their favorite beers and create their own package via a smartphone app. They will be able to select the craft beers from a lot of brands.

The users can drink beer whenever they want after storing the delivered beers in proprietary refrigerator of DrinkShift. The refrigerator detects the inventory of beer real time and learns beer consumption during that time. The refrigerator and app work together and automatically calculate perfect arrival date of next beer package from the shipping days, consumption pace and remaining beers at your home.

The next delivered package of combination can be changed anytime from the app. Also you can select a preset package. We are also planning to analyze favorites beers to recommend optimized packages for each users.

Our refrigerator is designed like a furniture for the living room or study and is distinct from conventional designs such as white or silver. It also has a storage at the bottom and a showcase to display the favorite beer and beer glass together.

Panasonic’s vacuum insulation glass, which has the industry’s highest class thermal insulation * with a thickness of about 6 mm on the windshield, is adopted for design and high heat insulation.
* 0.7 W / (㎡ · K) as the heat transmission coefficient of a single vacuum insulated glass with a total thickness of about 6 mm


Inner capacity: display unit: 2 bottles / inner unit:12 bottles

Outer dimensions: W315 x D434 x H783mm

Power supply: AC 100V (50Hz/60Hz)

Cooling system: Peltier cooling

Temperature control: 5℃〜10℃ (ambient temperature 25℃)

* The design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

CES 2019 Booth Information

Exhibition Period: 8th to 11th January 2019
Booth: Tech West, Sands Expo L1 Hall G(J-Startup Pavilion)
Booth No: 51075

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