Shiftall announces a “BeamAR”, pendant light with AR projection function

News Release

Shiftall Inc. has developed “BeamAR”, a pendant light with built-in AR projector. The prototype will be revealed at the “CES Unveiled” event in Las Vegas on January 5th 2020 as well as the main CES event starting January 7th 2020.


BeamAR (pronounced “Beamer”) is a pendant-type light with an AR projection function.

Suspend it over a flat surface, and while the 800lm provides illumination, the built-in camera recognizes the objects beneath the light. By using the AR projector, various relevant information about these objects can be displayed around them.

It’s no secret that everyone is guilty of plopping their smartphone on the dinner table to use while they’re eating, so why not just turn your big, flat, table into an interactive display? For example, simply by placing a meal on the table you can learn the history of the dish, study how it is prepared, etc. Place a card under the light with a specific design on it, and it will turn into timely information such as news or weather.

BeamAR is not the first product to explore the potential of AR projection, but most projection system are only practical in low light situations. BeamAR has the function of LED lighting in the main unit, so that when an object is recognized, the brightness of the light is automatically adjusted to allow for quality projection mapping. Plus, when you are done using the AR features, normal lighting is restored automatically.

At CES Unveiled, we will exhibit two products, BeamAR and “Cook’Keep” a cooking appliance that can store meal prep refrigerated and reheat it remotely. We will also announce one more new product at CES 2020.


Lamp unit: 800lm

Projection unit: 200lm

Dimension: φ365 x H252mm

Weight: Approx. 3kg

* The design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Press kit is here.

CES 2020 Booth Information

Exhibition Period: 7th to 10th January 2020
Booth: Sands, Halls A-D – 42711(Panasonic)/ Sands, Hall G – 52702(J-Startup)

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