A revolutionary controller for VR will be unveiled at CES 2023


Shiftall will announce a whole new VR controller prototype for SteamVR with a lighthouse tracking system at CES 2023, to be held in Las Vegas in January 2023.

In addition, we will exhibit the following five products, including the HaritoraX wireless which was announced on December 16, at CES 2023.

The new controller will be unveiled for the first time at the CES Unveiled media event on January 3 (PST).

Exhibition products

  • VR controller
  • MeganeX
  • HaritoraX Wireless
  • HaritoraX 1.1
  • mutalk

Exhibit Information

CES 2023

Exhibition Period: January 5 to 8, 2023(PST)
Booth: LVCC Central Hall, Booth #16317(Panasonic Booth)


CES – The Global Stage for Innovation – CES 2023


CES Unveiled Las Vegas – CES 2023


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