Two versions of MeganeX, an ultra-lightweight VR headsets with 5.2K OLED display

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Shiftall Inc. is pleased to announce MeganeX and MeganeX Business Edition, two new SteamVR-compatible  ultra-high resolution and ultra-lightweight VR headsets. These are equipped with a 5.2 K/10 bit HDR micro OLED display by Kopin and pancake lens by Panasonic. These will deliver the world's highest level of viewing experience and black expression that only OLED can provide. A folding frame with built-in speakers makes it easy to carry around. It supports 6DoF and lets you enjoy a variety of SteamVR-enabled VR applications.



MeganeX is a version that focuses on fit and comfort. While being lightweight, it provides a comfortable playing for heavy users, they spend more than 2,000 hours a year in the Metaverse. A forehead pad distributes pressure and ensures an IPD of 56 -72 mm. You make the lenses to suit you and fit them into the supplied spectacle lens adapters to accommodate different diopters, including astigmatism. Diopter adjustment function is not available.

■MeganeX Business Edition

MeganeX Business Edition is a version designed for typical Business use cases. It will be shared among multiple users by supporting the diopter adjustment mechanism for each person’s eyesight. The nose holding pad makes it easy to wear and take off.


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