Wireless soundproof microphone “mutalk 2” started pre-order in the USA.

News Release

Product name: mutalk 2

Part number: SVP-OD2B

Price: $199

Shipping date: May 2024

Shiftall Inc. is pleased to announce the USA launch of mutalk 2, Available for pre-order in the USA and scheduled for shipment in May 2024.

"mutalk 2" is a wireless soundproof microphone compatible with both PCs and smartphones, that isolates your voice, making it difficult for others to hear and preventing ambient noise from being picked up while you speak. From the original "mutalk", it comes with upgraded microphones, communication chips, and an enhanced internal structure for higher sound quality. Regular mouth pad, "mutalk 2" also includes a “nose cover mouth pad” for a more natural voice quality.

After COVID19, remote meetings became very common. However, conducting remote meetings in quiet offices, co-working spaces, or cafes can be a nuisance to others and pose a risk of information security. Moreover, when voice chatting in the Metaverse or online game, it's easy to get heated up and inadvertently raise your voice. In such cases, using "mutalk 2" allows for worry-free voice communication without disturbing family or neighbors. The wireless soundproof microphone "mutalk 2" offers an affordable and space-saving solution, like a portable soundproof room.

Updates from mutalk

1. Three types of connections: dedicated communication dongle, Bluetooth, and wired

By using a dedicated communication dongle, quick response (approx. 20 ms for audio output / 40 ms for microphone input*) and higher bit rates compared with Bluetooth® connections."mutalk 2" supports wired connection (USB Audio) and also Bluetooth connection, making it easy to switch between a smartphone and a PC.

* Measured by us. May vary depending on the measurement environment.

2. More natural voice with a new structure

The new microphone and structure picks up even low tones. Moisture during prolonged use has also been addressed. In addition, the nose cover mouth pad(included) prevents a nasal sound and achieves a natural voice because it covers the nose.

<Video: Voice comparison test (mutalk 2 with nose cover mouth pad and Wired professional lavalier microphone)>

3. Multipoint connectivity

It supports multipoint connectivity for two devices via Bluetooth, allowing you to answer calls on your phone while in a remote meeting on your computer.


1. Utilizes Helmholtz resonator to achieve a muffling effect of -20 decibels or more

"mutalk 2" utilizes the Helmholtz resonator principle to achieve a significant sound muting effect despite its small size.

When used in a normal ambient setting, the user's voice is reduced to a level where a person sitting next to you would not be able to hear what is being said.In high frequency range (1,600 Hz to 2,000 Hz), such as shouting, the sound is muffled by over -30 decibels.

Video: Voice comparison test (under noise, male voice, female voice)


2. Wireless soundproof microphone for various situations

Automatic mute feature for online meetings

“mutalk 2” will automatically mute when placed upright on a desk or flat surface, and unmute itself when placed over the mouth. Of course, you can also turn off the automatic mute function.

Can be used with smartphones

Since smartphones do not allow the Bluetooth microphone and earphones to run on separate devices. mutalk 2 can be used as a wireless headset of a smartphone and also a PC when you connect wired earphones to its 3.5mm jack.

Removable headband allows hands-free use

A removable headband is Included that is for hands free use with online games, VR, and other applications. By using the band, you can use the controller to play games, or take calls while typing or taking notes on a PC.

3. Hygiene-conscious, two types of removable mouth pad

Includes two different types of mouth pads, each with unique features.

Mouth pad

Does not cover the nose, so makes it easier to breathe. It proves especially effective during intense physical movements in VR games or when shouting loudly during live broadcasting. However, the voice sounds a bit nasally because it doesn't pick up sounds from the nose.

Nose cover mouth pad

Designed to cover not just the mouth but also the nose, it prevents your voice from sounding nasal, resulting in a natural voice similar to that with a typical microphone.

The mouth pads and the moisture absorbing cushion are both removable and can be washed in water.

mutalk 2 upgrade special

To thank existing customers of "mutalk", discounted pre-orders of "mutalk 2" are now available.

Campaign Details


Start date: January 7, 2024 17:00*

End date: February 11, 2024 06:59*

*PST Timezone


This offer is available to those who have purchased "mutalk" at the Shiftall store by January 6, 2024.


An email will be sent from the Shiftall store to eligible customers from January 7 to 8.

When you pre-order "mutalk 2", please enter the "Discount Code" from the email into the code entry field on the "mutalk 2" pre-order screen to get the 15% discount.

Note: When using the code to pre-order "mutalk 2", please be sure to use the same email address you used when you purchased "mutalk". If the email address is different, you will not be eligible for this campaign.


Product name: mutalk 2

Part number: SVP-OD2B

Price: $199

Battery Life: Approx. 10 hours

Charging method: USB Type-C

Charging time: Approx. 2 hours

Mic Input Sensitivity: -51dB±2dB

Mic Frequency Response: 50〜20,000Hz

Size: W123mm×H107.5mm×D67mm

Weight: 188g (6.6oz)*Main unit only



  Bluetooth® Ver.5.3

  Dedicated communication dongle (USB Type-A)

・Wired connection

  USB (USB Audio)

Audio sampling rate:

Wired or dedicated communication dongle:

  Audio input (microphone): max. 48KHz, 24bit

  Audio output: max. 96KHz, 24bit


  Audio input (microphone): max. 16KHz, 16bit

  Audio output: max. 16KHz, 16bit*

  *A2DP: max. 44.1KHz, 16bit

Supported Bluetooth profiles: HSP/HFP/A2DP

Number of multipoint connections: Max. 2 devices

Earphone jack: 3.5mm stereo mini

Supported OS: Dedicated communication dongle and USB: Windows 10 or latermacOS v11 or later / macOS v10.13 or later

*For iOS/iPadOS devices and Android devices, wired connections or dedicated communication dongles may work correctly, but we cannot guarantee.

Supported OS: BluetoothWindows 10 or latermacOS v11 or later / macOS v10.13 or lateriOS 13.4 or later / iPadOS 13.4 or laterAndroid 10 or later

Contents: mutalk 2, nose cover mouth pad, mouth pad, , moisture absorbing cushion, headband, dedicated communication dongle, USB cable, documents (Safety Guide / Warranty)

*mutalk and mutalk 2 is a commercialized version of OTODENWA, which was conceived by Panasonic FUTURE LIFE FACTORY.About trademarksCompany names and product names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.