cooking appliance that can refrigerate your pre-made meals and reheat them remotely

“Cook’Keep”  is like a time machine for your meals. First, you can put in premade meals or leftovers and they will be kept cool just like a tiny refrigerator. Later, you can remotely re-heat your refrigerated food, as hot 90 degrees!

If you put hot, fresh-cooked food in the refrigerator you can damage other ingredients in the fridge. But, if you let it cool down, you’re stuck at home waiting—and you may just forget to put it in the refrigerator anyway. Cook’Keep is equipped with a removable metal food receptacle that allows hot food to dropped in directly, anything from fresh cooked rice to piping hot soup. Use buttons or a smartphone app to quickly cool the ingredients to less than 10 degrees.

You get home tired, so Cook’Keep saves the time and effort of opening the refrigerator, plating your food, and then microwaving everything one-by-one for what seems like forever, only to have suffer the indignity of an unevenly reheated dinner. When you come home and open Cook’Keep, you can relax enjoy your exquisitely reheated food right away. If you’re not eating solo, you can just as easily warm up your food in time for when your family comes home.

In addition to a standard timer function, you can also use the smartphone app to specify the time to re-heat your food while on the go. We are also considering installing a function that works with smart speakers so that you can coordinate when to heat up your food with your just your voice.

Cook’Keep can be used not only as a heating function, but also as a low-temperature cooker that heats meat and fish at low temperatures over time like a mix between a sous-vide and crock pot. It can be used without putting your ingredients in a vacuum pack to easily make dishes such as chicken, ham, roast beef, and char-siu pork.


5 to 90 degrees
Power supply
AC 100〜240V
Approx. W20xD32xH16(cm)
Approx. 2.3kg
* The design and specifications are subject to change without notice.