a VR controller that allows you to grab a can and type on a keyboard in the real world

FlipVR is a new style of VR controller. It has the control panel (control buttons, thumbstick, grip, and trigger), which normally placed on the palm side of the hand, can be flipped (jumped up) to the back of the hand with a simple twist of the wrist. While flipped, you can grab a drink, control a keyboard or mouse, or play an instrument in the real world without losing your hand position tracking. The control panel can be easily flipped back to its original position.

One of the issues of existing VR controllers was that they did not have any size adjustment functions, despite the fact that different people have different hand sizes and finger lengths. The FlipVR has a structure that allows the position and angle of the control panel to be adjusted, so that people with a wide variety of hand sizes can operate it comfortably for a long time.

Many VR controllers are designed to be held in the palm, so if you want to grip or operate something in real space, you have to use a strap to hang it. That way, the avatar's wrist would bend in an unintended direction, making it less attractive to others and significantly less immersive. The control panel can be flipped (jumped up) to the back of your hand when you'd like to grab an object in the real world, so wrist tracking continues even while flipped. This allows you to use your hands and fingers in the real world while reproducing wrist motions in VR as they would in real motions.

The trigger, AB/XY buttons, and thumbstick are touch-sensitive, allowing hand signs and avatar facial expressions to be changed according to finger position. It can be used with various Lighthouse-compatible VR headsets as well as MeganeX.


Product name
Part number
Sale date
Within 2023
Four buttons (AB or XY + System + Thumbstick), Thumbstick, Trigger, Grip, Touch sensors (AB or XY, Thumbstick, Trigger)
Battery Life
7 hours +
SteamVR standard(Valve compatible, Shiftall provides a dedicated dongle)
Charging method
USB type-C
Lighthouse tracking system
* The design and specifications are subject to change without notice.