The VR controller allows you to grab anything in reality

FlipVR is a new style VR controller. Its main feature is the ability to flip the control panel (control buttons, thumbstick, grip, and trigger) from the palm side to the back of the hand with a twist of the wrist.

In the flipped state, it's possible to grab a drink, use a keyboard or mouse, or play an instrument in the real world without losing hand position tracking. Simply flipping it back returns it to its original state (Same as standard controller).

Almost all existing VR controllers are designed to be gripped in the palm, which meant that when you wanted to grab or manipulate something in real space, you had to hang it from your wrist using a strap. This could cause the avatar's wrist to bend in an unintended direction, making it look unattractive to others and significantly reducing immersion. With FlipVR, when grabbing something, you can retract the control panel to the back of the hand, allowing for continuous tracking even in the flipped state. This allows for replication of real hand and wrist movements in VR while using your hands and fingers in real space.

Touch sensors for all VRChat hand signs

FlipVR is equipped with touch sensors on the trigger, AB/XY buttons, and joystick, enabling hand sign and avatar expression changes based on finger position, and supports all hand signs in VRChat. It can be used in combination with MeganeX and various Lighthouse-compatible VR headsets.

Designed for a comfortable grip and less fatigue

A challenge with existing VR controllers was that despite variations in hand size and finger length among individuals, there was no size adjustment function. Therefore, FlipVR has a structure that allows for adjustments of the position and angle of the control panel, making it comfortable for use over long periods by people with various hand sizes and finger lengths.

The trigger and grip buttons have sufficient stroke to allow analog input.


Product name
Part number
Limited First Time Price US $399
Sale date
June 2024
Four buttons (AB or XY + System + Thumbstick), Thumbstick, Trigger, Grip, Touch sensors (AB or XY, Thumbstick, Trigger)
Battery Life
Approx. 8 hours
SteamVR™ Tracking
*Base Station is compatible with both Valve and HTC versions 1.0 and 2.0.
Charging method
USB type-C
SteamVR™ Tracking
* The design and specifications are subject to change without notice.