Leakage voice suppression microphone ‘mutalk’

The mutalk is a Bluetooth microphone with a mute function that prevents your voice from leaking out.

Voice is one of the biggest problems for VR metaverse users, and it's hard for family members to hear you when you're having fun in the VR space. If you live in an apartment complex, your neighbors will probably complain if you make loud noises. You want to make a lot of noise in the VR space, shout, laugh, and even say things that your family would be embarrassed to hear.

For those people, we have developed the ‘mutalk’ Bluetooth microphone with mute function. It can be fixed to the mouth and can muffle the speaking voice. The strap is detachable and can be used for use cases such as conference calls, where it only needs to be attached to the mouth when speaking. It is a universal Bluetooth microphone, so you can use it on Windows, Mac, or your smartphone.


Battery life
10 hours +
USB Type-C
Windows / MacOS / iOS / iPadOS / Android
Bluetooth® v4.2 BR/EDR (HSP、HFP1.7)
* Specifications will be modified when launched.