Project: NeSSA

A smart mirror "Project: NeSSA" will judge whether someone is wearing the same outfit as before and warn them before they leave their home.

Project: NeSSA is a smart full-length mirror for people who have been embarrassed by wearing the same outfit every time they meet specific person.

By connecting to the user’s calendar application, Project: NeSSA infers from the names of attendees and name of the event name, whether the current (reflected before mirror) has been seen by anyone attending the meeting with using a smart algorithm.

When a high degree of similarity is detected—that is, when someone may consider it the “same outfit”, the user is warned to chance clothes by a light built into the mirror.

For example, two weeks after going to a drinking party with a friend, you go to see a movie with them. If you have any doubt about what you wore two weeks ago, you simply put on your clothes and stand in front of the mirror and it will warn you or give you peace of mind.

Even if your events don’t typically have attendees, like regular meetings or personal events, the algorithm can help you err on the side of caution by tracking event names as well.

By the way, Project: NeSSA is an acronym for “NEver Same Shirt Again.” That is to say, never get caught wearing the same thing twice!


Built in mirror
Power supply
AC 100〜240V
Approx. W46×D4.7×H150m(cm)
Approx. 15kg
* The design and specifications are subject to change without notice.