Pebble Feel, the device allows you to feel hot/cold in existing VR Metaverse

The Pebble Feel is a VR experience that allows you to "go to that area and feel hot (or cold)" by simply customizing the world of your VR metaverse, such as VRChat or NeosVR.

This is a device. The temperature can be freely controlled between 9°C(48°F) to 42°C(107°F) in 25℃(77°F) environment, and when you design your VR world, just embed the temperature information according to the virtual location. Would you like to feel the temperature in your usual VRChat world?


Heat & Cool plate temp
Min. 9°C(48°F)、 Max. 42°C(l 07°F)
*in a 25℃(77°F) environment
Approx. 60g (2.1 oz)
Windows (SteamVR) / iOS / iPadOS / Android
Bluetooth® 5.0 Low Energy
* Specifications will be modified when launched.