A wearable device that gives the user a personal psychological space

WEAR SPACE Official (https://en.wearspace.info/)

WEAR SPACE is a device that allows users to wear a personalized space equipped with noise cancellation technology and a partitioning function that visually blocks portions of the space.

WEAR SPACE allows wearers to instantly create a psychological boundary with their surroundings and acquire a personal space while being in such open environments.

With WEAR SPACE, users can adjust the “degree of immersion into the personal space” regarding both hardware and software.

It is equipped with a visual angle adjustment mechanism operated by opening and closing the partition, a noise cancellation function, and a sound filtering function that allow users to customize only those sounds they don’t want to miss, such as someone calling their name or knocking on the door.

WEAR SPACE provides you with a personal space in a world where boundaries are disappearing.


Approx. 220 x 300 x 140mm(W x D x H)
Approx. 360g
Head size
Head girth 54cm~62cm
Wireless connection
Bluetooth 4.1 or 4.2
Lithium-ion battery