Smooth at 100fps.
The ankle also moves.

A fully wireless full body tracking for metaverse with 20 hours run.
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For those who want to enjoy a more immersive VR metaverse. A VR headset paired with HaritoraX Wireless allows the avatar's hips and legs to move freely in VR metaverse spaces such as VRChat, NeosVR and also ChilloutVR.
let's enjoy the full-body tracked communication.

Must-have "Full-Body Tracking"
to control your avatar as you wish.

Having your hands full with VR goggles and a controller you can't even get your avatar to sit on the ground or in a chair. You cannot express cuteness by sitting like a kawaii girl, nor can you strike a pose with your legs crossed.When you dive into VR social networking sites you see a lot of cute and cool avatars doing all kinds of movements. With HaritoraX series, you can get to express a wide range of movement.

*All screenshots on this page are taken using HaritoraX.

Ultra-lightweight and ultra-small,
yet with 20 hours of battery life

The small, lightweight only 0.6 oz (17 grams), including the strap attachment part, is so tiny that you may forget you are wearing it. The sensors are not easily moved by impact even when the user makes violent movements, which also prevents the avatar from making unintended movements.

Despite this size, it can last up to 20 hours. Even heavy users who dive into the VR metaverse for long periods of time can enjoy without fear of running out of battery. With three hours of use per day, you can use it without charging for about a week, reducing the number of charges. The battery can be charged while the strap is attached. No need to detach the strap from the main unit each charge.

2 seconds per sensor
A full wireless device with easy installation

Full-body tracking is attached and removed on a daily basis. Our special hooked straps that can quickly attach and detach. Once the length is adjusted, it can be attached / removed within 2 seconds.

It's a full-wireless system, with each sensor having built-in communication module, there is no need for cables to get caught in controllers, limbs, chair armrests, etc. Recommended for people who move their bodies vigorously and significantly in the VR metaverse, such as in dance and gymnastics.

Works on Quest and Pico standalone version app

No PC required. HaritoraX series can be used with Quest and Pico stand-alone application e.g.
VRChat. Just connect iPhone/Android to your HaritoraX via Bluetooth.

Differences between models

Product name
HaritoraX Wireless
HaritoraX 1.1
US $349
UK £279
EU €299
*With hip tracker, $348
or GX6/GX2 Communication Dongle
Battery Life
Approx. 20 hours
Approx. 10 hours
Connections between sensors
Nothing (Wireless)
Charging method
USB Type-C
or charging dock (Option: Coming soon)
USB Type-C
Charging point
For each sensor (6 locations in total)
Main unit only (1 location)
Tracking point
6 points (chest / hip / both knees / both ankles)
5 points (chest / both knees / both ankles)
Maximum tracking point
8 points or more
Max. 8 points
Accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass (9-axis IMU)
Ankle: above sensors + ToF
Accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass (9-axis IMU)
Ankle only: above sensors + ToF

No more tracking lost

Say goodbye to lost tracking

Because the tracking method uses gyro, acceleration and  magnetometer sensors (9-axis IMU) rather than external sensors such as cameras, "tracker lost," which frequently occurs with optical sensors, does not occur in principle, and keep tracking in any posture.

For example, optical sensors can be hidden in specific postures, such as when legs are crossed or bent over. The IMU tracking method overcomes the 'lost tracking' issues.

Furthermore, the IMU functions even when users cover their legs with blankets on cold days.

Easy to install,
the leg parts can be attached to the front or the side

It can be mounted either to the side of the legs for sitting upright or sitting cross-legged, or to the front of the legs for less resistance when lying down.

Toe tracking without additional sensors

Cross your legs, flap your toes, and stand upright like a ballerina. The motion from the ankle joint is a vital part of avatar expression. The HaritoraX series utilizes a built-in ToF (distance) sensor to capture its motion. You can move your avatar's toes smoothly as well.

It is possible for a typical IMU style FBT device to capture ankle joint motion with additional sensors on the instep, but the downside is that it requires the extra effort to install and remove every day, and is more costly.
The advantage of HaritoraX Wireless is that ankle joint motion tracking is possible without the additional cost and hassle of installing additional sensors.

You can also turn it off if you don't want your toes tracked or if you're worried about battery life.

Confirmed to work with many applications

In addition to VRChat, we have confirmed that it works with ChilloutVR, NeosVR.
It works not only with these apps but also with a variety of SteamVR compatible apps that support full-body tracking.

Neos VR

High-performance posture estimation application

The accuracy of a full tracking device that uses a 9-axis IMU is highly dependent on the quality of the posture estimation application for Windows. Even with a similar sensor, the avatar's movements are completely different depending on the app's design.

Based on the first generation Haritora developed by “izm” and volunteers, HaritoraX is the next generation of Haritora developed in collaboration with Shiftall.

The "Haritora Configurator" is an acclaimed posture estimation application that has been continuously improved with the original model, performs advanced posture estimation. In addition, the on-board "Quick Calibration" function enables screen-less posture correction from within the VR space, with no loss of the fully immersive experience.

HaritoraX Wireless specification

Product name
HaritoraX Wireless
Part number
Battery Life
Approx. 20 hours with built-in Li-ion battery
Charging time
Approx. 1 hour 40 min. (Power off)
Charging method
USB Type-C
or charging dock (Option: Coming soon)
Sensor : W44mm×H41mm×D17mm
Sensor(ToF ver ): W44mm×H41mm×D24mm
or GX6/GX2 Communication Dongle
Tracking points
6-point tracking (Chest, Hip, Both knees, Both ankles)
*Expansion will be possible through updates
Supported VR Headsets
MeganeX / Oculus Quest / Meta Quest2, Quest 3 / RiftS / VIVE(1st gen.) / VIVE Pro / VIVE Pro2 / VIVE Cosmos / Valveindex / HP ReverbG2 / PICO 4 / Fujitsu FMVHDS1 / Quest Pro
*Not guaranteed to work with all headsets.
Supported VR Apps
VRChat, NeosVR, VirtualCast, Virtual Motion Capture, cluster, ChilloutVR
*It also works with a variety of applications other than those listed above.
System Requirements
Windows10 21H1 or later / SteamVR 1.17 or later
*Support for Meta Quest 2 standalone version of VRChat via OSC soon.
Sensor x 6, straps, USB cable, Documents (Safety Guide / Warranty)
USB Bluetooth Adapter
Plugable USB-BT4LE
Buffalo BSBT5D205BK / BSBT5D200BK
Other Intel built-in Bluetooth adapters

Expansion set

What is 11-point tracking?

In addition to the 3 tracking points on the VR headset (head) and controllers (right and left hands), HaritoraX Wireless adds 6 tracking points* for a total of 9 tracking points.
In addition, 2 additional tracking points will be achieved with the HaritoraX Wireless elbow tracking expansion set (right and left elbows) for a total of 11 tracking points.

11-point tracking can reproduce the motions of the human body in the real world in its entirety in the VR metaverse and is considered an optimal environment for users who enjoy physical motions such as dancing in the VR metaverse.

*The maximum number of tracking points supported by each metaverse platform differs.

Expansion set for elbow tracking

The avatar's elbow motions are reproduced by estimating the position of the elbow joints from the position of the palms, even if only a VR headset and 2 hand controllers are used.In reality,  if you rotate your wrist or move your elbow while holding your wrist steady with the VR headset and controllers, their motions don't sync well with avatars in the VR Metaverse.

The HaritoraX Wireless Expansion set for elbow tracking allows for more accurate elbow motion.

HaritoraX Wireless Expansion set for elbow tracking specification
Product name
HaritoraX Wireless Expansion set for elbow tracking specification
Part number
Tracking points
Sensor x 2, straps, USB cable, Documents (Safety Guide / Warranty)


GX6/GX2 Communication Dongle for HaritoraX Wireless

This is a dedicated communication dongle to make HaritoraX Wireless more user friendly. This dongle uses a proprietary 2.4GHz radio in place of Bluetooth.

The dongle can avoid the problems that can occur when using other Bluetooth devices together. Without the dongle, when it is used with headphones together, it would exceed the limit of the Bluetooth chip in the PC, resulting in poor sound quality of the headphones and negatively affect the smoothness of the avatar's motions.

In addition, Windows 10/11 PC can only handle up to 7 Bluetooth devices and HaritoraX Wireless consumes 6 of the slots. So more than 2 other Bluetooth devices (Mouse, Keyboard, etc.) besides HaritoraX Wireless could not be connected.

These problems can be solved with the dongle.

GX6 Communication Dongle for HaritoraX Wireless specification
Product name
GX6 Communication Dongle for HaritoraX Wireless
Part number
Supported Unit
HaritoraX Wireless
Connected sensors
Operating Range
Within 10 meters (Approx. 32.8 feet)
88mm(W) x 35mm(H) x 10mm(D)
GX6 Dongle, USB Type-A extension cable, Documents (Safety Guide / Warranty)
GX2 Communication Dongle for HaritoraX Wireless specification
Product name
GX2 Communication Dongle for HaritoraX Wireless
Part number
Supported Unit
HaritoraX Wireless
Connected sensors
Operating Range
Within 10 meters (Approx. 32.8 feet)
88mm(W) x 35mm(H) x 10mm(D)
GX2 Dongle, USB Type-A extension cable, Documents (Safety Guide / Warranty)