HaritoraX Wireless R

Full body tracking device for the Metaverse

The HaritoraX Wireless R is a new fully wireless full body tracking that adopts a hybrid approach with next-generation sensors, automatically correcting errors (drift) through optical recognition by dedicated cameras. It maintains the IMU method's benefits of being lightweight, having long battery life, and not being affected by obstructions, while also achieving the drift-free accuracy characteristic of optical systems. Like the conventional HaritoraX series, this device can be used in the same manner. However, when you connect the optional dedicated camera to a PC, it automatically corrects any accumulated drift or distortion the moment the sensors come into the camera's view. This means that for uses where you occasionally face the camera, the regular calibration operations essential for IMU systems become unnecessary.


Battery Life
IMU method: Approx. 20 hours
IMU+Optical method: TBD
Tracking points
6-point tracking (Chest, Hip, Both knees, Both ankles)
*Expandable with additional units
Sensor (IMU)
Accelerometer/Gyroscope/Magnetometer sensor (9-axis IMU)
Dedicated camera
Connect to PC via USB
Dedicated camera
Dedicated communication dongle
Dedicated camera
Various headsets compatible with SteamVR
*Not guaranteed to work with all headsets.