No outside sensors needed.
Wireless tracker even at this price point.
HaritoraX Expansion set for elbow tracking
HaritoraX Expansion set for hip tracking

HaritoraX is a full-body tracking device for waist and leg motion that is compatible with SteamVR. It runs for 10 hours on a built-in battery and can be combined with wireless VR goggles such as Oculus Quest 2 for wireless full-body motion tracking.

* Windows PC necessary.
* We will soon announce a new model of Haritora X with some minor updates.
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Must-have "Full Body Tracking"
to control your avatar as you wish.

Having your hands full with VR goggles and a controller you can't even get your avatar to sit on the ground or in a chair. You cannot express cuteness by sitting like a kawaii girl, nor can you strike a pose with your legs crossed.
When you dive into VR social networking sites you see a lot of cute and cool avatars doing all kinds of movements. With HaritoraX, you get to express a wide range of movement.

*All screenshots on this page are taken using HaritoraX.

10 hours of operation
with built-in battery

Batteries can last up to a few days and no need to plug in numerous USB cables to recharge. Each module is connected via cables so HaritoraX has only one charging port, and it is possible to experience VR for even longer than 10 hours while powered by a mobile battery.
VR metaverse extreme users have already adopted this approach for long hours of use (no kidding).

Easy-fit design

It is important for a full-body tracking device to be able to hold itself fast to the body.
The HaritoraX suit covers a wide range of body sizes, from women's SS size to men's XL2 size.It can also be used by those who have a size S top but XL bottoms.

Specially designed for long VR dives

No more tracking blind-spots

Our tracking method is not based on external sensors such as a camera, but on a geomagnetic and acceleration sensor (9-axis IMU), which enables tracking in any stance.

Easy to install,
the leg parts can be attached to the front or the side

It can be mounted either to the side of the legs for sitting upright or sitting cross-legged, or to the front of the legs for less resistance when lying down.

Confirmed to work with many applications

In addition to VRChat, we have confirmed that it works with Chillout VR, NeosVR.
It works not only with these apps but also with a variety of SteamVR compatible apps that support full-body tracking.

Chillout VR

High-performance posture estimation application

The accuracy of a full tracking device that uses a 9-axis IMU is highly dependent on the quality of the posture estimation application for Windows. Even with a similar sensor, the avatar's movements are completely different depending on the app's design.

Based on the first generation Haritora developed by “izm” and volunteers, HaritoraX is the next generation of Haritora developed in collaboration with Shiftall.

The “Haritora Configurator”, an acclaimed posture estimation application that has been continuously improved with the original model, performs advanced posture estimation. In addition, the on-board "Quick Calibration" function enables screen-less posture correction from within the VR space, with no loss of the fully immersive experience.

* Will provide English ver. app at launch.

Product Specification

Use per charge
Approx. 10 hours with built-in Li-ion battery
Charging time
Approx. 4.5 hours with USB Type-C charging port
*When charging while the hardware is in off mode.
*It can also be used while powered by a mobile battery.
Bluetooth v4.2 BR/EDR
Operating Range
Within 10 meters (Approx. 32.8 feet)
Supported VR Head-sets
Various headsets compatible with SteamVR
*Not guaranteed to work with all headsets.
Confirmed models : Oculus Quest, Quest2, Quest 3, Rift S, VIVE(1st gen), VIVE Pro, Fujitsu FMVHDS1, Valve index, HP ReverbG2, PICO 4, Quest Pro
Supported VR Apps
VRChat, NeosVR, VirtualCast, Virtual Motion Capture, cluster, ChilloutVR
*It also works with a variety of applications other than listed above.
Chest:60-120cm (23.6-47.2 inch), girth of the above knee:30-70cm (11.8-27.5 inch), girth of the under knee:30-70cm (11.8-27.5 inch)
System Requirements
Windows10 21H1 or later / SteamVR 1.17 or later
HaritoraX main unit, HaritoraX subunit (above knee) x 2, HaritoraX sub unit (under knee) x 2, Connection cable x 4, HaritoraX suit, USB cable, Documents (Safety Guide / Warranty)
USB Bluetooth Adapter
TP-Link: UB400, UB4A
ZEXMTE: 0054
Avantree: BTDG-40S-BLK
Plugable: USB-BT4LE

Stay tuned for more expanded functionality
and improved performance!

HaritoraX plans to expand its functions after its release. Range sensors for additional functions are built into the shin Unit for more accurate foot positioning on the floor.  The latest firmware can track ankle movement by using the range sensors (Currently, the function released under open beta testing)

It will have an additional port that can be expanded to 6 or more tracking points by purchasing an additional sub-unit separately. After the product launch, we are planning to keep improving the performance using these extended functions and the software.

Expansion set

What is 11-point tracking?

In addition to the 3 tracking points on the VR headset (head) and controllers (right and left hands), HaritoraX adds 5 tracking points* for a total of 8 tracking points.
In addition, 2 additional tracking points will be achieved with the newly announced HaritoraX elbow tracking expansion set (right and left elbows) and 1 additional tracking point with the HaritoraX hip tracking expansion set (abdomen), for a total of 11 tracking points.

11-point tracking can reproduce the motions of the human body in the real world in its entirety in the VR metaverse and is considered an optimal environment for users who enjoy physical motions such as dancing in the VR metaverse.

* With the release of the expansion set for elbow tracking, the Haritora Configurator will be updated to increase the number of tracking points in the VR Metaverse applications such as VRChat from 3 to 5 when used with HaritoraX alone.

What is elbow tracking?

The avatar's elbow motions are reproduced by estimating the position of the elbow joints from the position of the palms, even if only a VR headset and 2 hand controllers are used.
In reality,  if you rotate your wrist or move your elbow while holding your wrist steady with the VR headset and controllers, their motions don't sync well with avatars in the VR Metaverse.

The  HaritoraX elbow tracking extension set allows for more accurate elbow motion.

HaritoraX / HaritoraX 1.1 Expansion set for elbow tracking specification
Supported Unit
HaritoraX(SVP-MC1S) / HaritoraX 1.1(SVP-MC2S)
Girth of the upper arm:20cm~52cm (7.9-20.5 inch)
*The pressure becomes tighter around the upper limit.
Sub unit A, Sub unit C, Connection cable x 2, Shoulder harness, Documents (Safety Guide / Warranty)
*Each expansion set reduces the operating time of the HaritoraX's internal battery by approximately 15% (If both are used, it is 30%).
What is hip tracking?

HaritoraX had previously used 5 IMUs to generate 3 tracking points in the VR Metaverse, but due to the poor usability of wearing 6 IMUs on the body and the advanced posture estimation and correction capabilities of the Haritora Configurator, 5 IMUs were sufficient. The system was designed to use 5 IMUs, which would have been sufficient.

However, the use of 6 IMUs enables accurate tracking, even in special postures where the avatar would move differently from reality with 5IMUs.
In addition, the phenomenon commonly referred to as "feet sliding" in which the avatar's feet slide on the floor, is greatly reduced.

HaritoraX / HaritoraX 1.1 Expansion set for hip tracking specification
Supported Unit
HaritoraX(SVP-MC1S) / HaritoraX 1.1(SVP-MC2S)
Chest:60-120cm (23.6-47.2 inch)
*The pressure becomes tighter around the upper limit.
*The upper limit can be further extended with an optional extension belt.
Sub unit D, Connection cable, Hip belt, Documents (Safety Guide / Warranty)
*Each expansion set reduces the operating time of the HaritoraX's internal battery by approximately 15% (If both are used, it is 30%).