MeganeX superlight

An ultra-lightweight VR headset equipped with a 5.2K/10bit/HDR display and 6DoF.

MeganeX superlight is a new model of a SteamVR-compatible VR headset, designed to be approx. 50% lighter than MeganeX. Extensive lightweight tuning has significantly improved comfort while preserving high-end picture quality with 5.2K HDR OLED panels. The new design omits Inside-Out cameras, speakers, and temples, and adopts an all-plastic lens. The head tracking supported SteamVR Base Station.


1.3inch Micro OLED 5.2K(2,560 x 2,560 x2)
10bit HDR/120Hz
Approx. 200g (excluding face pad and headband)
Head tracking
6DoF head tracking with SteamVR Tracking
*Base Station is compatible with both Valve and HTC versions 1.0 and 2.0.